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College Basketball Balance of Power

College basketball is here! This is the balance of power in college basketball:

AP Poll

Individual Team in Power: Duke (85% of First Place Votes, 8% of AP Votes)

  1. Duke (55) 1613
  2. Michigan State (8) 1558
  3. Kansas State (2) 1414
  4. Ohio State 1368
  5. Pittsburgh 1310
  6. Villanova 1198
  7. Kansas 1172
  8. North Carolina 1034
  9. Florida 997
  10. Syracuse 920
  11. Kentucky 917
  12. Gonzaga 889
  13. Illinois 773
  14. Purdue 771
  15. Missouri 700
  16. Baylor 625
  17. Butler 607
  18. Washington 572
  19. Memphis 551
  20. Georgetown 363
  21. Virginia Tech 288
  22. Temple 265
  23. Tennessee 252
  24. Brigham Young 198
  25. San Diego State 158
  26. Wisconsin 126
  27. Texas 107
  28. Georgia 67
  29. West Virginia 65
  30. Minnesota 55

31. Florida State 28
31. Wichita State 28
33. UNLV 21
34. Richmond 17
35. Murray State 15
36. Vanderbilt 14
37. North Carolina State 10
38. Arizona 8
38. Connecticut 8
40. Mississippi State 7
40. Colorado 7
42. UCLA 5
43. Ohio 4
43. Miami (FL) 4
43. Utah State 4
43. Xavier 4
47. Dayton 3
48. Old Dominion 2
49. Georgia Tech 1
49. New Mexico 1
49. Wofford 1

Total 21125

Conference in Power: Big Ten (22% of AP Votes)

Big Ten (8) 4651
Big 12 (2) 4025
Big East 3864
ACC (55) 2978
SEC 2254
WCC 889
Horizon 607
PAC-10 585
C-USA 551
MWC 378
A10 289
MVC 28
OVC 15
Southern 1

Total 21125

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Illinois under attack by distorters

Illinois's basketball coach, Bruce Weber, is under attack by those attempting to distort him, calling him a "dork". It came from the Kentucky-Memphis scandal created by John Calipari. He was accused of recruiting Derrick Rose, who got his friend to take the SAT for him, when he accused Michael O'Brien and Bruce Weber of a recruiting scandal involving Anthony Davis, who is recruited by Kentucky.

"Doyell believes that Michael O'Brien (whom he says he does not know at all) is "tied to the University of Illinois, " and that, "...if anybody is behind this, [Illinois head coach Bruce] Weber is behind it."  His reasoning?  Weber "...doesn't lose very well, and he unfortunately loses recruits left and right.  Nobody loses more recruits than Bruce Weber.  That oughta be on his Coat of Arms."

Doyel went on to say that he thinks Weber is a bad recruiter "...because frankly, he's a dork."  He thinks that Weber fed something to O'Brien, and O'Brien ate it up."


Here are others who are trying to do the same:


"Weber is also a sore loser.....just sayin......."


"Weber is in fact a dork.  I met him a half dozen times when he was at SIUC and dork was my impression. He even laughs wrong--like Mr. Rodgers yanking one off or something.

Doyle seems to think he's also a sore loser who started the Anthony Davis rumor.  Maybe or maybe not. If he did, that's kind of pathetic. 

That aside, he does seem like a decent person and well meaning enough in the rest of his life.  But yeah, kind of dorky."


"Without a doubt.  Dork cries in the media so much it's embarrassing.  He always plays the 'victim card' too.  He also barely disciplines his players when they commit crimes.

Can you tell I have no respect for the man?"


If Calipari gets in trouble for recruiting a player who got one of his friends to take the SAT for him, he should get his 38-2 record vacated. However, instead of doing so, he blames Bruce Weber for bribing Anthony Davis to play for Illinois, and he even calls him a "dork"!. What is their plan here? Their plan is to destroy Bruce Weber's reputation by getting him accused by the NCAA for bribery and corruption, so Calipari can go scot-free. This is what they are trying to do here: blame-shifting Weber so that they can clear themselves. So we need to protect Bruce Weber and the Illinois basketball program from those imposters. We need to expose them so we can keep the integrity of the Fighting Illini and keep Weber innocent. We should not let those imposters ruin our basketball program. We must stand up and defend the Fighting Illini to keep them from destroying our basketball program, because if we stand up, then they will be exposed for who they really are.

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SEC, Big 12 Resume Power Grab

In the preseason, the SEC had 6 top 25 teams, the most of any conference, and the Big 12 claimed 3 teams in the top 10. The ACC boasted with 5 teams in the top 25, and the Big Ten, had 4 teams in the top 25. It appeared that the SEC, along with the Big 12 bought the AP and Coaches preseason polls. The ACC also joined in the power struggle by exploiting the BCS system to their own needs. The Big Ten, with only 4 teams in the top 25, was not competitive enough then. Now, the Big Ten has 6 teams in the top 25, tying the SEC. However, they still need to take back control of college football, and stop the imbalance of power created from a loophole in the BCS system: that stronger conferences can use their power to shut out other conferences from the BCS bowls, including Mid-Major conferences, creating a bunch of monopolies, and expanding a duopoly into a tripoly. This has caused the NCAA to issue notices of corruption, especially to the SEC, where most of the imbalance occurs, and it won't go away anytime soon.
So to prevent this imbalance from creating an unfair advantage toward some teams and conferences, I have proposed the NCAA Football Playoff system. It will show 64 teams in the tournament, about 90% of the teams that will be eligible to play in a bowl in the current BCS system. The games will be on Saturdays and Sundays, to prevent conflicts with class scheduling. There will be more chances of a upset than the current BCS system, so not only there will be champions in the top two of the BCS poll, but anyone eligible for the playoffs can play for a championship. The sites will be in the current BCS bowl locations in the first year after implementation, and there will be changes thereafter.
My opponents will say that the playoff system will cost more time and money. However, there will be more time and more games in the playoff system as opposed to the BCS system, which will mean more money given to the participating schools. Not only will the top quarter of the teams be admitted to the postseason, virtually eliminating the majority of schools, but every team will be eligible to play for the playoffs.
UPDATE 10/2: Texas and USC, two BCS supporters, fall out of the top 25.
UPDATE 10/9: Alabama lost to South Carolina, falling out of the top spot of college football.

Top 10/25 Teams by Conference (BCS Standings as of October 17, 2010)

College Football Leader: Oklahoma (Big 12)

SEC 3/6
Big 12 1/6
Big Ten 2/4
PAC-10 1/3
MWC 2/2
ACC 0/2
WAC 1/1
Big East 0/1

Conferences without teams included in BCS standings

Sun Belt

Top 10/25/40 Teams by Conference (AP Poll as of October 17, 2010)

College Football Leader: Oregon (PAC-10)

SEC 3/6/7
Big 12 1/5/7
Big Ten 2/4/6
PAC-10 1/3/6
ACC 0/3/6
MWC 2/2/3
WAC 1/1/3
Big East 0/1/1

Conferences only with teams included outside top 25

C-USA 0/0/1

Conferences without teams included in poll

Sun Belt

Top 10/25/36 Teams by Conference (Coaches Poll as of October 17, 2010)

College Football Leader: Oregon (PAC-10)

Big 12 1/5/7
SEC 3/6/6
Big Ten 2/4/6
ACC 0/3/5
PAC-10 1/3/3
MWC 2/2/3
WAC 1/1/3
Big East 0/1/1

Conferences only with teams included outside top 25

C-USA 0/0/1
Independents 0/0/1

Conferences without teams included in poll

Sun Belt

Top 10/26/42 Teams by Conference (Harris Interactive Poll as of October 10, 2010)

College Football Leader: Ohio State (Big Ten)

Big 12 1/6/7
SEC 3/5/7
Big Ten 2/4/7
ACC 0/3/6
PAC-10 1/3/5
MWC 2/2/4
WAC 1/2/3
Big East 0/1/1

Conferences only with teams included outside top 26

C-USA 0/0/2

Conferences without teams included in poll

Sun Belt
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The Fall of UNC

With the loss to Syracuse, the Tar Heels have fallen out of the Top 10 in the AP(11) and Coaches(12) Polls. UNC will fall further as Hansbrough graduates and Lawson goes to the NBA as well. Had Lawson stayed there today, then this would never happen, and UNC would have won against Syracuse.
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Big Ten Fans: Time to Unite!

Last year, the SEC and the Big 12 have dominated college football while the Big Ten had a percieved weakness, causing a imbalance in power. However, the Big Ten is currently getting stronger, but we need to unite as Big Ten fans by creating a Big Ten Coalition. To do this we need to:
Improve weakest teams
Reconcile rivalries
Create alliances
Strenghen our standing COMPLETED (Big Ten improved from 1-6 to 4-3 in bowl games)
Overthrow the SEC and Big 12 football teams when necessary (Penn State defeated LSU in the Capital One Bowl, but there is still much more to do)
Overthrow USC in the Rose Bowl when necessary (USC did not play in the Rose Bowl)
The SEC and the Big 12 will eventually weaken from power struggles, but we as the Big Ten will unite, grow stronger, and stay strong. GO BIG TEN!

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